The healing time for a tattoo is approximately one week, general health and physical condition play a major role. During the healing process, the tattoo could itch but do not scratch.

Immediately after tattooing, the tattooed area is covered with transparent film let this sit till next morning, then treat the new tattoo as follows:

  • Touch the tattoo as little as possible with the hands.
  • Wash the tattooed area clean.
  • Dab the tattoo wound after washing with a clean towel dry.
  • Lubricate the tattoo (with washed hands)(the thinner the better) with Bepanthen or Vaseline without additives
  • Drip no wound disinfectants like Sterilon or Betadine to the wound.
  • Do not wear a patch or bandage over the tattoo wound.
  • Never wear tight or dirty clothes on the tattoo wound.

Avoid contact during the healing with swimming water (chlorine pools, hot tubs, natural bathing water). Do not also use the sauna or steam room.

Set the tattooed area not exposed to the sun or tanning (even with sunscreen). always use a high protection during sunbathing after the healing time of the tattoo.

If in extreme redness, swelling, bleeding, pussing, color change of the wound or pain Always contact your doctor.