Permanent Make-up for you

Permanent Makeup is now a widely used treatment.

Permanent Makeup is the only way to permanently garantie (3 to 5 years) cared look. Through pigment input we accentuate eyes (eyeliner), eyebrows (eyebrow corrections) and lips (lip liner) to a natural and satisfying results.

If you are interested in permanent makeup. Please contact me with any questions. Ingrid 06 -25115109. I will explain everything about permanent makeup and the way I work.

Permanent makeup is suitable for almost everyone. Permanent makeup is ideal for women with a busy life, family and career.

Also for the older woman, wherein the application of the ordinary make-up is difficult and it is quite a task, offers permanent make-up the most appropriate solution.

With minor changes / improvements you can look very different; have a very different look. It is not necessary to put heavy makeup on.

Prices: PMU

Eyebrow € 250.00
Eyeliner above and below € 250.00
Eyeliner above or below € 150.00
Lipliner € 250.00
Full lips € 350.00
All the above treatments include 1 aftertreatment within 4 weeks
Aftertreatment past 8 weeks € 75.00
Aftertreatment past 16 weeks € 150.00
Mesotherapy € 125.00
Mesotherapy 6 treatments € 600.00