so you are thinking to get pierced?.The health department want to let you know  about the risks of piercing body parts, body piercing is a body enhancement trough the skin. by working with the right equipment's and with the right work directions we can prevent deceases such as Hepatitis B en C. besides, by pour hygiene and onhygienic treatment (by yourself and the artist) infections can develop that can be devastating for your piercing and the rest of youre body.

When you are younger than 16 a piercing is only possible when you bring your parent  to the studio.  before you get your piercing we will ask you to fill out a consent form. in this form you will find questions concerning your health. to fill out this consent form is for your own safety 

If you are younger then 16 your parent needs to sign the consent form and show his or her id. the consent form stays with the studio and will be treated as confidential.

The placing of a piercing

Before we put the piercing into your skin, the skin will be cleaned and disinfected. this procedure needs to be sterile. That means the needle and piece of jewelry that's going trough your skin will be pulled out of a sterile package and cant be touched with bare skin.

Piercing aftercare

The time for a piercing to heal is different with every piercing (see below) and can be a bit different per person. A good basic healt and a good physical condition are a big part in the healing process as well. Personal hygiene during the healing process is extremely important and mandatory

earlobe 6-9 weeks    Lip 7-9 weeks    Navel 6-9 months
cartilage ear 3-9 months   eyebrow 6-8 weeks    Nippel 3-9 months
Nose (nostrils and nasal septum) 7-9 weeks    tongue 4-6 weeks  

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